Mono sodium Glutamate 
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What is it?
Mono sodium glutamate is used as a flavor enhancer, for foods like top Ramen noodles, canned meat, gravy, Parmesan products and soy sauce. One of its main purposes is to reinforce the original taste of the foods. The flavor in MSG, is described as salty depending on the flavor. At local food places like taco bell the food they server includes some Mag's that may be the cause of obesity.

Why is it in our Food?
Although MSG is in the majority of our daily foods it has been banned if a few countries such as Canada, Europe, and Australia. The big question about the chemical is “are you slowly poisoning yourself” (1). A number of people are beginning to think that MSG has a big play in obesity. These countries have banned this substance while the U.S. consumes a lot of it on a daily basis and is disguising it with the name natural flavoring.

The Good the bad and the scary!
Some Pros of MSG is the flavor, for years people have become addicted to these foods not knowing about MSG why stop now? MSG is used in most common foods that we enjoy, more than half of all fast food restaurants have MSG included in there menu. Some cons of MSG where the rumors of MSG being one of the main causes in America today. People find that MSG isn't good for them by the research they do, which includes Wikipedia and other main search engines like Google or Bing.
Cool Info!
Although they add MSG to many foods it may not be as bad. Some natural foods produce glutamate like mushrooms and tomatoes.The savoring flavor inside these foods is known as "unami". A broth like flavor that's commonly found in meat. In some countries people use MSG as a type of table salt that they add to there meal. "Children metabolize glutamate in the same way that adults do and mono sodium glutamate is safe for children. In fact, human breast milk contains 10 times more glutamate than cow’s milk" [2].

Carbons: 5
Hydrogen's: 8
Nitrogen's: 1
Oxygen's: 4
The Name!
The name: Mono means one, Sodium was named after soda in Latin it means, "headache remedy".

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