Sodium Diacetate


What is it?

Sodium Diacetate is a mixture of acetic acid and sodium acetate. It is in our food because it is a preservative. It helps prevent molding and the spoiling of food. It is also used for food flavoring such as vinegar. It is healthy and does not have any side effects. It was recognized by the (FDA) so don't worry. It pretty much just makes the products’ shelf life longer and keeps it from going bad fast.

What properties does it have?

It is a mixture of sodium salt and acidic acid. It is a crystalline compound and gets broken down into a liquid. It is usually found as a salt and needs to be sealed tightly because of the acidic acid that’s in it.

What is it in?

Well it is found in a variety of food since it is used as a preservative. It is used in flour and since flour is used to cook many things, it is in a lot of foods. for example, Hot Cheertos, ketchup, cookies, butter, bread, and many poultry products. An interesting find is that it is found in hay. And who eats hay? Cows do! When cows eat the Sodium Diacetate it goes into their system and we get butter from them and many other things that contain this ingredient and it ends up in lots of our food products.

What affects does it have when added to food?qwertyuiop.JPG

Well Sodium Diacetate has no affects. It is perfectly harmless
and can be eaten all the time (no toxic side effect) . Because it's
a organic compound. Although it has been said that it slightly
does change the taste of steak, but that's it. In other foods it
does not change any of the flavoring or taste. So eat it as much
as you like while knowing whats in the food you eat .

sodium.jpgHere's a picture of what Sodium Diacetate really looks like.

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