Ascorbic Acid
Created by Jonah Wheelock and Chanae Grimmett

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What is Acorbic Acid?
Ascorbic Acid, simply put, is Vitamin C. It's molecular formula is C6H8O6. Vitamin C is a necessary nutrient found in many foods. Ascorbic Acid is a “water soluble vitamin” that is found in vegetables and fruits. Most people think that vitamin C is found only in lemons and oranges but it is also in red bell pepper, broccoli and cabbage (6).
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What Purpose Does Ascorbic Acid Serve?
Ascorbic Acid has many things that it does for the human body. For example, it helps to defend your body against infections and also helps to prevent diabetes. Ascorbic Acid also aids in the production of collagen which maintains your bones,
teeth, cartilage and much more (6).

external image 41vKL1DrAaL.jpgWhat Properties Does Ascorbic Acid Have?
Ascorbic Acid is an organic compound which means that it occurs naturally. It doesn’t need some chemist to synthesize it in a lab. Being that it is an organic compound it also contains carbon and oxygen (3).
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What Are Some Side Effects of Ascorbic Acid?
Some of the side effects of Ascorbic Acid are diarrhea and upset stomach (1). Other side effects include, insomnia, increased urination, joint pain and anemia. While most of these conditions are rare they are a very real threat if you take in too much vitamin C (4).

What Does The Name Tell Us About Ascorbic Acid?
From the name we can determine that it is and acid. The name "ascorbic" is derived from the prefix "a" and the word "scorbutic" which means "of scurvy" (2). This makes sense because scurvy is a disease that is often brought on by a lack of vitamin C, or Ascorbic Acid. The disease scurvy was popularized by pirate novels and movies in which they often refer to scurvy. for example "what do you do with a scurvy Pirate?", recognize the line? I thought so.

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