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What is it?
Aspartame is a very low-calorie sweetener that is said to be better for you than real sugar. It is composed of two amino acids, which are the building blocks for protein. This sweetener comes in the form of fine white powder and is soluble allowing it to be used in just about every low calorie food, drink, or diet product on the market. (2)

Why is it in our food?
Aspartame is used to create that sweet taste that everyone loves, without the calories. But is it actually better for you? They say that because the chemicals used have close to no calories, you can consume large amounts without gaining weight. However with every positive there comes a negative.(2)
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What are the benefits of Aspartame?
A pro of putting aspartame in our food is that it makes it sweeter. It is about 15 times sweeter than normal sugar with almost no calories. Another pro is that diabetics can eat it safely as a sugar substitute. It is also water soluble so the sweet flavor spreads to the entire beverage instead of simply sinking to the bottom. Some people also say that it helps build up protein, however the amount of protein that is actually in Aspartame, is not enough to build up unless it is consumed in extremely large amounts. (1)

Is adding Aspartame to your food dangerous?
So far it sounds safe right? The answer is adding Aspartame can be extremely dangerous. There are many side effects that Aspartame can cause. One of the main ones being cancer. adding Aspartame can be extremely dangerous. According to Dr. William Douglass, "Aspartame is one of the most dangerous substances ever added to food." (Douglass). There have been more complaints sent to the FDA about Aspartame than just about any other additive. There are about 92 side effects of Aspartame and these side effects range from mild headaches to cancer and/or death. Aspartame can also cause migraines, epileptic seizures, anxiety, hearing impairment, decreased vision, and dizziness among many others. (3)

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