This Is What The Molecule Structure Looks Like!

What is "Caffeine" & Where Did The Word Come From?
Caffeine is a chemical naturally produced in certain seeds and leaves of plants. Caffeine is a naturally in some foods and drinks, for a little boost up in those heavy Monday mornings!

Where Can I Get Caffeine?
You can basically get caffeine in mostly anything you eat or drink! You can buy caffeine everytime you buy a food item.Caffeine is naturally in some of our foods and drinks such as energy drinks, coke, coffee and even gum! In Addition coffee beans and cocoa beans both have caffeine in them when they are grown. Teas also play a big role when it comes to caffeine because they generate caffeine in them as they are growing but instead of the caffeine being in beans it's located in the leaf,that is being used to make your drink. other things such as energy drinks and energy substances it is a chemical that is added to the drink.

So, What About It?!
Caffeine is a oil that comes from plants and seeds.(Properties of Caffeine)

Whats So Good About Caffeine?
Caffeine is the main attention when you need a litte boost up, either at school or at work. It's a very
good source of either drink or food, for the cause that, that energy you are producing into our body leads to you nervous system making you brain react faster and move faster. It's a very good product once in a while to give yourself that energy you need to make your day.

Is Too Much Caffeine Bad?
Of Course! Too Much caffeine can effect our nervous system and dangerously for pregnant women!The way people are connsuming high doages of it is what is affecting them.Some of the things that can go wrong with your body if you consume lang amonts of caffeine is that over time it will wear out your hear and make it weaker and could eventualy kill you. Some websites such as (Teen Health) are saying that caffeine is a drug because your body get addicted to it and starts to want it to give you that pick me up. When you dont have caffeine in your body it starts to have withdraws and you will get things such as head achs because your body wants caffeine so bad.

Whaexternal image coffee-tea-small.jpgtTypes of Attoms Are Producing Into Your Body?
You are basically taking the following atoms:
-Carbon 8
-Hydrogen 10
-Oxogen 2
-Nitrogen 4

As You May Now See, These Are Some Of The Items That Contain Caffeine!

external image energy-drinks1.jpg


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