Calcium Pantothenate



What in the world is Calcium Pantothenate!?

Calcium Pantothenate is one of the forms of vitamin B5, which is also known as Pantothenic acid or Calcium D-Pantothenate. Its name comes from the Greek word "Pantos", which means "everywhere".(1) It is called this because it is found in the majority of foods. It can be found in meats, eggs, peanuts, corn, cheese, and many other natural or manufactured foods.(2)

The Properties.

One of the main properties of Calcium Pantothenate is that it is water soluble, which means it dissolves in water.(2) It is also a white odorless powder that tastes bitter. Although it dissolves in water, it does not dissolve in Chloroform or Ethyl, and only slightly in Alcohol.(1) Since it is water soluble, we need to eat calcium pantothenate every new day to replenish the body's supply of it.(2)

What kind of molecule is this?

The calcium pantothenate molecule has 63 atoms. There are 32 hydrogens, 18 carbons, 10 oxygens, 2 nitrogens, and 1 calcium atom.(3)

What can we know from its name?
The name "Calcium Pantothenate" shows that it has 1 Calcium ion. In the "Pantothenate", the "ate" part of it means that it has Oxygen. People can see that there are two pantothenates because of the "D" in the middle representing "di" or two.

Why is it in our food? What does it do to our bodies?

Since it is a vitamin, it is added to many foods, simply for health reasons. Calcium Pantothenate helps turn fats, proteins, and carbohydrates into energy. It is needed for a number of bodily functions; such as keeping the digestive system healthy, turning fat into energy, and making red blood cells and antibodies. Pantothenic acid also helps the body utilize different vitamins. Also, the body needs it to make stress and sex hormones. If placed on a wound, it would speed up the healing process.

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What if I eat too much of it?

Don't worry about it. Studies of calcium pantothenate show that it's not really toxic at all. The worst that could happen, would be getting diarrhea. If you eat 10 grams or more of pantothenic acid, it could get you diarrhea, but no other side effects have been seen. It's very hard to eat too little of calcium pantothenate, because it is so common in food. Alcoholics are only people who have been recorded to have a deficiency of vitamin B5. A deficiency in calcium pantothenate can cause depression, change in personality, problems with the heart, and bigger possibility of getting an infection.

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