What is it?
Glucose and fructose combine to make sucrose (aka sugar) which is then chlorinated and becomes... Sucralose! [1] TechnicallySucralose is Splenda because Splenda is just the final product of Sucralose.

Why is it in our food? What purpose does it have?
Sucralose acts as a sugar substitute. Sucralose makes food and drinks sweeter without using real sugar. You can find it in Diet Anything!, Sugar free cakes, pies and other desserts. Also it can be found in sugar free Cheesecake!

What properties does it have?
It's properties are like that of sucrose, so it is white, crystal-like, and sweet.
What are the pros and cons of adding this to our food? Are there any unintended side effects?
The pros of adding sucralose to food is that it's good for diabetics. An unintended side effect is that it can cause food poisoning if it is constantly consumed[2]. Another con about Sucralose is that, like most artificial sweeteners, it can cause Cancer by making tumors in your body[2]. Another pro is that Sucralose actually has lower calories than sugar, allowing people to eat more of it with less of a weight problem in the end! According to Ophardt, "Discovered in 1976, sucralose is 600 times sweeter than sugar and does not metabolize to produce energy, thus it does not contain as much calories".

What does the name tell us about the characteristics of the chemical?
The name sucralose is like the name sucrose, which is sugar. Using this comparison, we can tell that it is sweet like sugar, and that it has the appearance of sugar as well.

Atoms: Carbon- 12
Oxygen- 7
Chlorine- 3
Hydrogen- 11

Food and drink that Sucralose can be found in:


Diet Coke with ....Klondike CarbSmart Bar ...........Gatorade Propel


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