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What is it?
A crystalline phenolic aldehyde C8H8O3 that is extracted from vanilla beans or prepared synthetically and is used especially in flavoring and in perfumery.
What properties does it have?
Vanillin is what gives vanilla extract its flavor, it is also what gives its vanilla scent. Naturally occurring vanillin appears as a white dust on vanilla pods which have been cured and it can hardly be seen.

Some of the uses of Vanillin could be...

In the making of cakes , icecream and biscuits,

Cosmetic industries. It can also be used to flavor the ill smelly medicines.

Its appearance is:

White or slightly yellowish, crystalline powder or needles

Odor is both:
Odor and taste of vanilla

Flash Point is:
147° C

Melting Range is:
81-84° C

Boiling point is:
170° C (at 15mmHg)

Specific Gravity is:
1.05 g/ cm 3 (at 25° C)

Dissolve 1.0g in 3ml of alcohol,the solution should be transparent

Soluble in ether

Pros and cons ?

Since there is not a lot of vanilla beans grown each year ,
Vanillin is convenient since there are more than 10 thousand
tons per year produced by industry through chemical synthesis.
Vanillin can't harm you if consumed, but natural, real vanilla is recommended.

What happens when I eat Vanillin ?
According to IPCS INCHEM it is scientifically proven that when one inserts Vanillin to
their body it is broken down by the liver converting it to Vanillin Acid , which later comes one in through urine.
This is also proven to be true for rats , mouse, guinea-pigs , dogs and Rabbits.

Vanillin May also be harmful!

So you might want to read some precautions before anything happens
So vanillin may cause you breathing difficulties so you might want to remove to fresh air as quick as possible!
Also if skin contact, you’re going to have to flush your skin with plenty of water for at least 15 minutes,
if irritation develops, you might need medical attention!

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