Why do we use it?
It’s a sweetener and helps preserve food.[2]
When your ice cream just doesn’t seem right, it smoothes it out and adds thickness.
The moisture of this chemical is the reason it is used in cosmetics and shampoos and soaps.
When oil just won’t do, then glycerin can take its place.


What is it?
It’s a clear thick liquid that is used in different products like food and toiletries. It can mostly be found in low carb food products because it has the same sweet taste without using too much sugar.[3] Although it is mainly in food you would be surprised with the different ways it is used. What makes it so useful is how absorbent it is and the thickness of the chemical. When frozen it turns to a paste, which also happens to make it useful for toothpaste as a base. It can mix easily into water and alcohol but not oil because of it’s properties. It is even used to create dynamite![1] But, don’t worry you won’t find nitroglycerin (the chemical form used in dynamite) anywhere near your food.

Can Glycerin harm you?
No! It's not poisonous to humans, so there isn’t much to worry about this chemical.
Glycerin is also called Glycerol, it is a three-carbon compound.[2]
Number of Hydrogen atoms: 8
Number of Oxygen atoms: 3
Number of Carbon atoms: 3

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