Malic Acid


what is Malic Acid and who was the founder?

Malic acid is an organic acid naturally present in several types of fruits and vegetables.Malic acid is sometimes called the fruit acid. However, it has the disadvantage of being slightly more expensive than citric acid. the founder of Malic Acid is Carl Willhelm Scheele in 1785.

what types of food has Malic Acid inside of it?

Malic Acid is found in sour and tart- tasting foods. It's also in pears, tomatoes, bananas, and cherries. The salt and vinegar potato chips are also used to produce in a tart. Where it comes are in natural substance found in fruit and vegetables , mainly in apples. it is also in candy, chewing gum, and it has similar applications to citric acid and is the preferred acid in low calorie drinks, cider and apple drinks. Malic acid is used in medication , such as antidepressants, tranquilizers and pain killer


Malic acid helps boost your immune and reduce the risk of poisoning and gives you smoother skin.

Malic acid is also combined with toxic metals , like aluminum or lead , heavy metals can cause liver disease and brain disorders.


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